Topics in Classes

As written on the first blog of this site, all of our students are adults.  So, they talk about various kinds of topics with the teachers in classes.

It is very rare to use text(educational materials) in conversational class.  Our students want to bring their own interests into the classes.  So, conversation teachers cannot expect what story the students talk about.

But, fortunately, our teachers enjoy this unexpected talk.  We respect our students personalities and what they think.


Purple flower


The flowers you can see above are blooming in the pot of my school.  The seed flew to our school from nowhere and landed on the soil in the plant pot.

We can find this wild flower everywhere in Okinawa but I did not know the name of it.  I went to a book store and bought a book of Okinawan plant.  It shows a similar one called “usubeninigana” but the shape of leaves are different.  Probably our flower  belongs to the same family of usubeninigana.

The size of a bud is 3 millimetre in diameter and the flower is about 5 or 6 millimetre.  It is very tiny.

These are 8 different stages from a bud to a fluffy ready to fly.   I have been wondering where the fluffy goes and begins its new life.

Nature is really great.

sandcrab who is CEO (Challenging Enthusiastic Organism) in Skola World




2012 March

March has begun.  Flowers are blooming everywhere.  Dandelion is brightly open its yellow petals.  Have you ever seen fluffy Dandelion?  They are ready to fly in the sky for land and grow somewhere else.  It is fun to imagine how far they are travelling.

Nature is amazing.  Much more wondrous than we imagine.