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Experience at A Craft Show --- 手作り作品会での経験

by K. Clair

Have you been to a craft show? It is really fun to see various kinds of things which local people hand crafted. People sell hand-made jewelry, embroidered kitchen towels, shelves, decorated photo frames and many more! They are all beautiful. Craft or art shows are very popular in the United States and they are common hang-out places for people who like to see old and new collectible items.



After I visited several shows, I started thinking that having a booth to sell my own items would be a great experience for me. I was not sure if I could make something people want, but I encouraged myself to get some experience and sent an application form to a local church where a craft show was planned to be held. The things that I could make were some Amigurumi (crocheted animals) and knitted items.


Luckily, my second application for the show was accepted and I was given a chance to join a local craft show in March as a vender. Yes. That was the second time for me to send an application form. I had applied for the show once, however, my application form and check for the table charge were returned because all the tables had already been taken! It was more than two months before the show! I didn’t know that the show was popular enough to be signed up for so quickly. After I learned about that, I took enough time to apply for the following occasion and finally got the chance!


I went to the venue early in the morning and started setting up my table. At first, I was nervous and it took time for me to display my items on the table. I had never had a craft show experience and that was obvious to other venders’ eyes! I was changing item arrangement several times because I couldn’t sit still! I was also wondering how I could talk to my customers in English. I had not a bit of experience of selling things in person; I had no idea about customer service words! My craft show started with huge anxiety.


The show started at 9:30 am. It was until 3:00 pm. I thought it would be a long day for me---for a newcomer to a craft show! Some people stopped at my table and started asking me about my items. At first, I was worried if I could answer correctly to their questions but they all talked nicely and I could enjoy having conversation with them. I also had a good communication with other venders. They knew that I was a quite novice at selling things. They generously encouraged me saying “Don’t be intimidated by people. Just keep going!” I think I was very lucky to be surrounded by good people at the site. Thanks to them, I felt strong enough, and I enjoyed having conversation with all the people at the show.


I already have joined craft shows three times as of today. I’ll have another craft show in November. I will never forget the very first experience and feeling. My first craft show experience gave me a great idea. First time is always hard. Just keep going is important. You’ll learn something new little by little and you’ll get used to what you are doing in the end. I hope you’ll have fun with learning new things, too!



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